In 2D Matrix printing processes, the most crucial thing is the 100% readability of the square codes. In highly competitive 2D Matrix printing services, where the profit margins are very low, and the operational efficiency takes over, printing faulty, unreadable square codes damages the companies ability to offer this service. It can double the amount of energy, time, labour, and raw materials spent on the work and more importantly harm the relationship with the customers.

EkoPrint meets the needs and expectations of its customers by offering specially formutated 100% readable ink cartridges and high quality printing solutions for 2D Matrix printing companies.

EkoPrint Variable Data-Barcode Printing Cartridges;

  • Offer 100% readability with excellent printing on a high resolution
  • Provide problem-free printing with its fast drying feature.
  • Increase profitability by reducing printing costs with high numbers of printing per unit.
  • Protect the sharpness of the square code edges even with high speed printing
  • Prevent the dissolution of 2D Matrix Barcode through fast drying feature.
Product Image Product OEM Code Ekoprint Code Ekoprint Product Name Color Compatible for Printers
Yumurta Kodlama IFC 51626 HP26 grup Cartridge HP45 PMM57645 Ekoprint PMM57645 Coding Cartridge HSA Systems, Marcoprint (X1Jet,X4Jet ,Compactline 3.0 ) and other Hp Technology Heads