It has always been an important and critical issue for pharmaceutical companies that 2D Matrix Barcode, which include various data, should be readable on a high resolution and resistant against humidity and external factors. If square codes can’t be read or they are dissolved and destroyed, then this affects the operations badly causing loss of labour and time.

EkoPrint 2D Matrix Coding Cartridges;

  • Offers best quality – excellent print and colour quality on a high resolution.
  • Increase profitability by reducing printing costs with high numbers of printing per unit.
  • Are resistant to humidity and external factors with its specially formulated inks. 2D Matrix Barcode do not dissolve or become unreadable.
  • Provide the continuity of the high quality printing thanks to its long decap period after the line cuts.
  • Prevent the dissolution of 2D Matrix Barcode through fast drying feature.
Product Image Product OEM Code Ekoprint Code Ekoprint Product Name Color Compatible for Printers
Yumurta Kodlama IFC 51626 HP26 grup Cartridge HP45 PMM57645 Ekoprint PMM57645 Coding Cartridge Wolke (m600) Antares ( inc.jet printers), HSA Systems and other Hp Technology Heads